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a. Building

A.     This course must be run only in the Department of Radiology attached to a Medical College / in the Dept. of Radiology attached to a Medical College or In a X-ray / Dept. of Radiology attached to a mojor hospital or Nursing Home which has a minimum of 150 beds.

B.     Such of these departments  must be well equipped with all the equipments, instruments and accessories pertaining to X-ray, ultra-sound, imaging equipments, viz., C.T., M.R.I., and Colour Doppler equipments etc. connected with Medical Radiography.

C.    A Library containing adequate number of text books and reference books of latest edition pertaining to the concerned subjects.

D.    Building plan for Department of Radio-diagnosis (Radiology) as enclosed which is approved by BARC / AERB

Building Plan (diagram enclosed):

i.                    Solution Storage (used fixer)
ii.                  Used X-ray films storing room
iii.                Mobile  / Portable X-ray Unit of  60 mA room
iv.                 Technicians and Duty room
v.                   DARK room of ‘U’ shape  as per BARC specification.
vi.                 Radiographers room and unexposed film storage room.
vii.               500 mA with IITV   (a) Wall thickness More than 20 cms.
viii.             Dress changing room with attached bathroom and toilets.
ix.                 Students class room with attached bathroom and toilets
x.                   X-ray Museum with human skeleton and other teaching aids as specified in the lab equipments including X-ray tubes (different types of old defunct retrieved from old  X-ray unit Rotating /Stationary.
xi.                 Staff room.
xii.               Ultrasound room with bathroom, toilets and Air condition.

Though we have enclosed typical BARC approved building pattern for teaching hospitals, this can be remodeled for the Taluk level for 100-bedded hospitals as and when required (Plan enclosed).

b. Teaching personnel

  1. Principal – teacher / Chief Radiologist with MD in Radio – Diagnosis or Radiologist with DMRD or senior most full time faculty  with MD / MS can be considered.
  2. One qualified Physicist / Quality Controlling officer / Radiation Safety Officer with a qualification of MSc. In Radiation Physics approved by BARC or BSc. With Diploma in Radiation Physics (DRP) approved by BARC
  3. Two X-Ray Technicians with more than 5 years experience in Govt. or Private Hospital.

All the medical subjects can be taught by the faculty members of attached Medical College or Teaching Hospitals on part time basis.

c. Diagnostic X-ray Equipments: (Minimum for 20 students)

i.     500 mA / 300 mA  X-Ray unit with 2 tubes with IITV preferably.
ii.    100 mA X-Ray unit for routine conventional work.
iii.          60 mA Mobile Unit/ Portable Unit.
iv.           Dental X-ray Unit (optional)
v. Necessary X-ray accessories of at least 5 sets for 20 students each: Cassettes with high speed intensifying screen / hangers / lead aprons / grids / cones / lead blockers / mobile lead protective barriers for each X-ray unit, film badge services for radiation protection to the regular radiation workers.
vi.           X-ray viewing lobbies 2 in one / in one in class rooms
vii.          All those equipments must be equipped with minimum of 3mm. Thickness lead aprons of 6 nos. (as approved by BARC)

d. Books

i.           PUC II year Physics, Chemistry & Biology books for S.S.L.C passed candidates
ii.         For diagnostic purpose for D.M.X.T : Sets each
a.      Diagnostic Radiography for technicians by Dr. Satish Bhargav
b.      Diagnostic Radiography for technicians by Dr. Ram Mohan
c.      Diagnostic Radiography by Dr. Kakarla Subba Rao – Vol. I & II
d.      Any Journal available for P.M.B.    
e.      Radiographic Techniques and positioning – by Clark Vol. I & Vol. II
f.        Physics of Radiology –text book by Christeinson
g.      Imaging modality of C.T. and M.R.I. for technicians (Handbook)

Checklist for Inspectors of D.M.X.T.

(as per the revised recommendations done by expert Committee of Radiologists)

1.   Infrastructure: Building as per proforma enclosed
2.   Faculty technical as well as teaching.
3.   Hospital (Pvt. or Govt.) / Diagnostic Centre attached
a.      Clinical  workload - details of workdone per day, in General, whole body Radiography including special radiological investigations.
b.      Diagnostic X- ray equipments and other related accessories
c.      Teaching of gadgets or materials
d.      Radiation safety aspects / safety devices and safety measures adapted (as  per B.A.R.C. / A.E.R.B. guidelines)
4.   Radiological Records - Radiograms showing daily work done statistics including routine X-rays and special investigation of all patients.
5.   Attendance Registers - Faculty & Teaching staff.
6.   Other newer imaging modalities if available / Other special X-ray units / Portable X- ray service / Mammography / Dental X-ray unit / O.P.G. etc.

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