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a. Building

Built up area 2800 Sq. Ft. for college comprising of Lecture Hall, Office Room, Library, Practical Hall, Staff Room, Store Room, Preparation /demonstration room, Toilets with power and water supply.
Each laboratory 10' x 15' one for each subject, i.e., One laboratory for Anatomy and Physiology, one for Pathology and Microbiology and one for Biochemistry.
Lecture Hall:
15' x 30' -- Three nos.
15' x 40' -- One Hall with proper furniture for 30 students.
Play ground:
Separate Common Room with toilet :
one for Boys and one for Ladies/girls.
Separate for boys and girls, but not mandatory.
If the distance is more than 3 kms. between the college and hospital, vehicle has to be provided for commutation.

b. Teachers & other staff


Teacher from among any Department of Medical faculty having MBBS, PG qualification with a minimum 5 years  of teaching experience after M.D./Diploma (Clinical Pathology). If Pathology teacher is not available teacher from other faculty with MD / MS or Phd. qualification can be considered


Full time / Part time teacher             ---        One

(MBBS / MSc. Human Anatomy)


Full time / Part time teacher             ---        One

(MBBS / MSc. Human (Medical) Physiology)


Full time / Part time teacher             ---        One

(MBBS / MSc. (Medical Biochemistry))


Full time / Part time teacher             ---        One

(MBBS / MD or DCP)


Full time / Part time teacher             ---        One

 (MBBS / MSc. Medical Microbiology)


4 Technicians           

c. Equipments

Refrigerator  04
Centrifuge   03
Microscope 20
Hand lens 02
microtome working 01
Histokinetic working  01
Spirit lamps  20
Sahli’s Hemoblobinometer 20
Hot air oven working 02
Stabilizers  04
Analytical balance  01
Chemical balance   01
Certified weight box   01
pH meter  01
Hot plates   02
Dessicator   01
Incubator  (2' x 3')   02
Timers  03
Thermostatic water   bath 02
Improved Tripleruled neubauer  
counting chamber  20
Safety spectacles 02
Charts and Models  
Chemicals and Stains as per standard  
procedure book on lab. Medicine.  
Tripod stand and burner  
Autoclave  01
VDRL Shaker   01
VDRL Slide  05
Loviband comparaters   01
Bacterial loop 10
Thermometer upto 2000 C 02
Candle Filter    01
Anatomy: parts of the human body and individual organs.
Charts: Models showing regions / parts of human body.
2 sets of Histological slides and which are mentioned in the syllabus.
1. Skeleton 01
2. Sets of individual bones  02
Physiology: Blood group antigens: anti-A, anti-B, anti-D
lancets 02 boxes
Westergrins tubes 10
Wintrobe's tubes 10
Capillary tubes  
(Heparinised & Plain)  05 boxes each
Petridishes (diff. sizes)   100
Pauster pippettes  100
Adjustible micro pippettes  02
Funnels - different sizes  10
Beakers - different sizes 10
Measuring jars - different sizes 10
Conical flasks  15
Round bottom flask  15
Watch glass 100
Volumetric flask  10
Test Tube holder 40
Centrifuge Tubes 100
Folin Wu Tubes 20
Test tube racks 40
Serological Pippettes 40
Glass rods (Diff. sizes)   20
Rubber gloves 01 box
Surgical gloves 02 boxes
Rubber teets (diff. sizes) 20 Nos. 
Dropper bottles 40

d. Recommended Text Books & References

i)        Anatomy:

1. Singh ( Inderbir)

            Text book of Histology

            J.P. Brothers, New Delhi

2. Difore Atlas of normal Histology

            Ed. 6 Lea & Febiger - 1989

3. Anatomy & Physiology for Nurses

Reference Books:

1. Human Anatomy                                                        --          Chaurasia Vol. I, II & III

2. Human Anatomy                                                        --          A.K. Dutta Vol. I, II & III

3. Cunningham's Manual of Practical Anatomy          --          Vol. I, II & III

ii) Physiology:

1.      Fundamentals of Physiology - A text book for Nursing students by R.L. Bijalani -- Jay Pee Brothers Publications

2.       Human Physiology and Biochemistry by Prof. A.J.Jain, Arya Publications

iii) Biochemistry:

Text Books:

  1. Text book of Biochemistry for Dental Students– Pattabhiraman
  2. Text book of Biochemistry for Dental Students, Harbans lal
  3. Text book of Chemistry prescribed for II P.U.C.  (students may need the basic knowledge of chemistry)

Practical Books:

  1. Practical manual of Biochemistry – Rajagopal
  2. Practical manual of Biochemistry – Shivananda Nayak
  3. Practical manual of Biochemistry - Pattabhiraman

iv) Pathology:

Books for faculty: One copy each

1.      Medical laboratory Science - Theory and Practicals by J. OCHEI,                        A. KOLHATKAR Tata McGraw Hill Publishing Company Ltd.

2.      Practical Haematology - SIR JOHN V. DACE, S.M. LEWIS, ELBS

3.      Clinical Diagnosis Management by laboratory methods. Latest (19th) Edition. (Toff Sanford D Anderson) John Bernard Henry, W.B. Saunder Company, Prism Book  Pvt. Ltd.

4.      Theory and Practice of Histological Technique by John D Bancraft, Alan Stevens, Churchill livingstone Publishers.

For students (multiple copies) (10, 20, 30):

5.      Hand book of Medical laboratory technology, 2nd edition by Robert H Carman, Christian Medical Association of India (publishers)

6.      Ramnik sood, Text book of laboratory medicine.

7.      Text book of laboratory medicine by V.H. Talib

v) Microbiology:

1.      Bacteriology by Ananthanarayanan

2.      Bacteriology by Rajesh Bhatia

3.      Parasitology by Chatterjee

4.      Parasitology by Jayaram and Panicker

5.      Hand book of laboratory technology by Scott

6.      Hand book of laboratory technology, C.M.C. Vellore - 2 copies.

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